LiceMeister comb is the gold standard impostors can't match!

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The LiceMeister® Comb is the gold standard!
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Where can I purchase the Lice Meister® Comb
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The truth about lice - Quick Facts sheet.
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What is head lice and how does it spread?
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The LiceMeister® Comb

“ The only comb endorsed by the National Pediculosis Association.® The “Gold Standard” medical device packaged with combing instructions, a convenient cleaning tool.”

The LiceMeister® Comb Facts and Features

• Unlike other combs, the LiceMeister maintains 100% integrity after boiling

• It is the only comb with a permanently sealed handle

• Highly polished, precision spaced, stainless steel teeth are permanently locked into the sturdy plastic handle

• Smooth handle design with no jagged edges or points to snag while combing dry, wet or damp hair

• The back-to-basics approach. No gimmicks like fluorescent lights and electric shocks

• The first and only comb to meet the NPA's quality standards and receive the NPA's endorsement

• Provides a safe and effective non-chemical treatment alternative for "kids at risk" and others choosing to avoid pesticides

• An earth-friendly alternative to address increasing concerns over lice treatments polluting our environment and water supplies

• Parents can remove lice and nits from their kids and themselves

a, b, c common sense approach to fighting lice

Head lice cannot jump, fly or swim, and they are usually spread by head-to-head contact with another person who has lice. To reduce the chances of getting infested or re-infested from another person, or from items that may have lice on them, please read the following important information and advice carefully:

• Make sure you have a LiceMeister® Comb at home!

• Check all family members and close friends for signs of head lice regularly

• Avoid head-to-head contact with anyone who has lice

• Regularly wash and try to minimize the sharing of pillows, brutes, hair accessories etc as this can help the spread of lice

• Recommend the LiceMeister® Comb to anyone who has lice and stop the spread of lice in our schools and play groups!

Don't settle for less, make sure that you get an original LiceMeister ® Comb!

The Lice Meister ® Comb is the Gold Standard impostors can't match!


“We fully endorse The LiceMeister® Comb as the best comb to remove lice and nits. The combs unique and specially designed handle and fine metal teeth are durable and enable you to comb out the most stubborn of nits with ease! Every household should have one!
- The Lice Clinic SA


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